Tree maintenance

I believe that over the years there has been a significant lack of tree maintenance in Clayton-Le-Woods and Clayton Brook in particular.

These trees are now posing a danger to some residents and having a negative effect on people’s lives. In a time of record breaking high prices for energy we are being disadvantaged by forcing us to use electric lights during the day just to read a newspaper. The roots of these trees are now distorting the pavements and present a trip hazard to us all, but our older residents especially. Some of the trees are so big that in high winds the trees lean over causing anxiety to those who live nearest to them for fear of them falling on to their homes in the night. During the winter months snow and ice collect in the higher branches and randomly fall to the ground causing damage to property and potential injury to anyone who maybe in the garden.

We request that as a priority Chorley Borough Council, Places for People and Lancashire County Council work together to provide a robust cut back and reshaping of the trees in our area.

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